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Home ownership is for everyone, including our children!

Join us at The Real Monopoly, where education meets excitement, and every roll of the dice is a step toward financial literacy and strategic thinking. Let’s embark on this educational adventure together!

Embark on an exciting journey with us as we transform the classic Monopoly game into a dynamic tool that brings the magic of real-life financial success to your children! We’ve designed an engaging experience where Monopoly isn’t just a game but a captivating adventure, guiding children through the ins and outs of The Real Monopoly in the real world. Join us for an immersive learning experience that turns playtime into a valuable lesson on financial empowerment.



Welcome to The Real Monopoly Mavericks, where the game of Monopoly transforms into a captivating and educational journey for students in elementary and middle schools.  We believe in interactive, play-based education, focusing on enriching young children’s minds early with financial literacy in real estate. We are dedicated to revolutionizing learning by infusing excitement into educational programs. The Real Monopoly Mavericks plants the seed in their strategic thinking of Home Ownership and the ultimate goal of achieving Financial Freedom Sooner.


To empower children at an early age with financial literacy in Real Estate to aspire for home ownership and instill the right mindset for financial freedom.

Learning Goal:

Aiming to Engage over 200 schools across various regions, including the vibrant Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we bring an innovative approach to in-school learning experiences. Our weekly programs, spanning lunchtime, in-class, and after-school sessions, immerse students in the world of real estate, economics, and strategic decision-making to increase Financial literacy.


Aligned with the Ontario educational curriculum and standards, The Real Monopoly Mavericks  was developed by a Professional Real Estate Investor & Professional Broker Realtor who also developed the fundamental principles of The Real Monopoly Real Estate Investing Program that is being offered and delivered to Adults today.   It is a vital life skill that enables the next generation to overcome the challenges and difficulties of home ownership today and aspire to achieve Financial Freedom before even entering the workforce.  Our in-class sessions delve into topics like real estate principles, financial literacy, and strategic thinking, providing students with practical insights that extend beyond the traditional curriculum.

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The Current Ontario Education Curriculum:

The current Ontario Curriculum for financial literacy indeed covers fundamental concepts such as money, spending, interest compounding, and a focus on debt. While these topics are essential, there are notable gaps that limit the holistic financial education needed to empower children to become homeowners and achieve financial freedom. Here are some limitations of the current curriculum:

  • Lack of Real Estate Education:
    • The curriculum does not delve into the realm of real estate, including home ownership, property investment, and the principles of real estate management.
    • Real estate is a significant component of personal finance, and the absence of education on this topic leaves students uninformed about a critical aspect of wealth-building.
  • Limited Understanding of Asset Building:
    • Homeownership is often a primary means of building long-term wealth. The curriculum falls short in educating students about the role of assets, particularly real estate, in wealth accumulation.
    • Understanding how real estate can be an appreciating asset and a strategic investment is crucial for comprehensive financial literacy.
  • Neglect of Financial Freedom Concepts:
    • The curriculum lacks emphasis on concepts related to financial freedom, such as passive income, investment strategies, and wealth preservation.
    • Financial freedom goes beyond managing debt; it involves strategic decision-making, investment knowledge, and an understanding of various income streams, including those related to real estate.
  • Missed Opportunities for Practical Application:
    • The current curriculum does not provide sufficient opportunities for practical application of financial concepts in real-world scenarios.
    • Homeownership involves practical decision-making, such as budgeting for a mortgage, understanding interest rates, and making informed choices about property.
  • Limited Exposure to Financial Planning:
    • Comprehensive financial planning includes considerations for homeownership, investment goals, and long-term wealth-building. The curriculum lacks exposure to these aspects.
    • Students are not adequately prepared for the financial responsibilities and opportunities associated with property ownership.
  • Ignorance of Economic Forces Impacting Real Estate:
    • Understanding economic forces that influence real estate, such as market trends, interest rates, and regional factors, is crucial for making informed decisions. The current curriculum does not address these topics.
  • Inadequate Preparation for Future Responsibilities:
    • Homeownership is a significant financial responsibility. Without education on this aspect, students may lack the necessary knowledge to navigate real estate transactions, mortgages, and property management effectively.

Addressing these gaps by integrating real estate education, financial freedom concepts, and practical application opportunities into the curriculum can better prepare students for the financial challenges and opportunities associated with homeownership and long-term wealth building.

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We Empower Future Home Ownership

The Real Monopoly Mavericks program serves as a dynamic and engaging complement to the existing Ontario curriculum, particularly in the realm of financial literacy within the mathematics subject. While the current curriculum lays a foundation for understanding money concepts, financial management, and consumer awareness, The Real Monopoly Mavericks takes a unique approach by integrating real estate education into the learning experience, offering a comprehensive and practical understanding of key financial principles.

Early Introduction to Real Estate:

One distinctive aspect of The Real Monopoly Mavericks program is its early introduction to real estate concepts. Traditional financial literacy programs often focus on basic monetary transactions, but real estate, a significant aspect of personal finance, is often overlooked. The program recognizes the importance of starting financial education at an earlier age, providing students with a head start in understanding the complexities of real estate, mortgages, and property management.

Gamified Experiential Learning:

The Real Monopoly Mavericks program leverages gamified experiential learning, making education more interactive, engaging, and enjoyable for students. This approach ensures higher retention of information as students actively participate in simulated real estate transactions, mortgage decisions, and property management scenarios. The gamified nature of the program aligns with the contemporary learning preferences of students, fostering a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward financial education.

Repetition for Mindset Conditioning:

The Real Monopoly Mavericks program goes beyond a one-time exposure by incorporating repetition as a key element. Repetition is strategically used to prime children and establish the right mindset conditioning. By revisiting and reinforcing real estate concepts through gameplay, students internalize the knowledge, creating a solid foundation for future financial decision-making. This repetition not only enhances retention but also cultivates a proactive and informed mindset regarding real estate and financial choices.

Fun, Addictive, and Competitive Design:

Modeled after the popular Monopoly game, The Real Monopoly Mavericks program is intentionally designed to be fun, addictive, and competitive. This approach ensures that students are not only learning but also enjoying the learning process. The competitive element adds an exciting dimension, motivating students to actively participate and excel in real estate scenarios. The program transforms financial education from a theoretical exercise into a dynamic and immersive experience, fostering a positive attitude toward learning.

Comprehensive Financial Education:

While the existing curriculum provides a foundation in money concepts, financial management, and consumer awareness, The Real Monopoly Mavericks program expands this education by incorporating real estate principles. Students not only grasp the specifics of saving, spending, and investing but also delve into the intricacies of property ownership, mortgages, and strategic property management. This comprehensive approach equips students with a broader set of skills, preparing them for the complexities of the modern financial world.

The Real Monopoly Mavericks program seamlessly complements the existing Ontario curriculum by introducing real estate education, offering gamified experiential learning, incorporating repetition for mindset conditioning, and providing a comprehensive and enjoyable financial education experience. The program’s benefits include early exposure to real estate concepts, higher engagement, mindset development, and a holistic understanding of financial principles essential for future success.


Why Should My Child Learn This?

In The Real Monopoly Mavericks program, we introduce financial literacy at an earlier age, recognizing the importance of starting this educational journey early. Unlike traditional financial literacy programs, our gamified experiential learning approach is designed to be more interactive and engaging, resulting in higher retention of information.

The program leverages the principles of gamification to make learning fun, addictive, and competitive, much like the experience of playing the Monopoly game. Through repetition of the program, our goal is to prime children and establish the right mindset, ensuring they not only grasp the intricacies of real estate, mortgages, and property management but also develop a positive and proactive approach to financial decision-making.

Joining The Real Monopoly Mavericks isn’t just an educational experience; it’s a dynamic and immersive journey that equips students with practical financial skills, setting the stage for a lifetime of informed and confident financial choices.


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Our Guiding Principles:


We champion the idea that everyone, regardless of their background or skill level, can thrive in an engaging and creative learning environment.


The Real Monopoly Mavericks recognizes the importance of unity within families and communities. Our programs are designed to strengthen connections between parents, children, and the broader community.


We inspire every individual, irrespective of age or ability, to aspire to their highest potential. Through the use of Monopoly, we encourage personal achievement, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence.

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Our Financial Literacy Curriculum

Overall Expectations

By the end of the Program, students will:

  • Cultivate the seeds of homeownership dreams, inspiring children to envision a future where owning a home is not just a goal but a tangible aspiration.
  • Grasp the essence of real estate as a fundamental asset class, laying the groundwork for building lasting wealth and financial stability.
  • Foster a genuine passion for playing Monopoly, seamlessly intertwining the thrill of the game with the real-world excitement of navigating the dynamic landscape of real estate.

Specific Expectations:

  • F1.1  What is Real Estate?
    • Introduce the concept of real estate by explaining that it includes land, buildings, and other property.
    • Show examples of real estate, such as homes, apartments, commercial buildings, and vacant land.
  • F1.2  Why Real Estate is Valuable?
    • Explain that real estate has intrinsic value because it provides shelter, space, and resources for various purposes.
    • Discuss how real estate can appreciate in value over time due to factors like location and demand.
  • F1.3  How Real Estate Can Grow in Value?
    • Teach children about factors that can lead to the appreciation of real estate, such as development in the area, infrastructure improvements, and economic growth.
    • Use the game to demonstrate how property values can increase when players invest in houses and hotels.
  • F1.4  How to Manage Real Estate?
    • Use the game to teach children about property management, including collecting rent, maintaining properties, and making decisions to improve the properties.
    • Discuss the importance of financial planning and making wise decisions regarding property management.
  • F1.5  What is a Mortgage and How to Borrow from the Bank?
    • Explain the concept of mortgages as loans used to purchase real estate, and how they involve paying back the borrowed money over time.
    • In the game, simulate borrowing from the bank to buy properties, and discuss the responsibilities of repaying loans.
  • F1.6 ~ How to Own Real Estate?
    • Show how ownership works in Monopoly through the acquisition of properties, payment of purchase prices, and obtaining property deeds.
    • Discuss real-life methods of acquiring real estate, such as buying, renting, or leasing.


Beyond the Program: Enriched Experiential Educational Opportunities

The Real Monopoly Mavericks offer a spectrum of programs to enhance educational opportunities:

  • The Real Monopoly Mavericks Night: A family-oriented event crafted to create lasting memories while imparting valuable life lessons through the beloved game of Monopoly. This immersive experience blends entertainment with education, promoting collaboration and joy within the family unit to strengthen family bonds.
  • The Real Monopoly Adventures: Real Estate Explorers:  is an immersive field trip program that transforms classroom learning into real-world exploration. Students step into the vibrant realm of real estate, applying concepts learned through Monopoly in authentic settings, fostering a deeper understanding of the principles of property management and investment.
  • The Real Monopoly Family Fortune Building:  An immersive and interactive program designed for families to embark on a hands-on learning journey into the world of real estate investment. Tailored for parents and their children, this program offers a unique opportunity for experiential learning, fostering a practical understanding of real estate dynamics.


Parent Support

At The Real Monopoly Mavericks, we champion the impact of family engagement in education. We believe that learning is a collaborative adventure that extends into the home.  Elevating learning beyond the classroom, our initiative, The Real Monopoly Mavericks Night, invites families to embark on an interactive journey with their children. 

Explore Additional Learning Resources:

Unlock a wealth of knowledge through our online platform! Access extra tutorials empowering parents to seamlessly integrate newfound wisdom into their child’s learning experience. Dive into expert-led teaching techniques and follow user-friendly video tutorials that make learning enjoyable for the whole family.

Stay Updated on Exciting Releases:

Be the first to know about our upcoming programs! Receive timely updates, ensuring you stay connected to the latest educational offerings from The Real Monopoly.

Parents Deserve Financial Literacy Too:

Recognizing the importance of financial literacy for everyone, we present an exclusive program for parents. Because let’s be honest, financial education is a journey for all ages. Elevate your financial acumen and join us on the path to lifelong learning.

Join The Real Monopoly Mavericks community, where learning knows no bounds and families thrive together!


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